Enterprise Risk Management

Oversees the identification, assessment, and management of risks and opportunities that could impact university success.

The enterprise risk management office works with executive and senior leadership to proactively identify risks throughout the university that could keep us from attaining our goals. Once risks are identified, the office assists the university’s process of assessing the risks, selecting and implementing appropriate strategies to lessen the impact, and planning for any losses. The risk office ensures that risk management activities occur intentionally, and as part of an integrated and coordinated discipline across the entire university.

The Office of Risk Management is responsible for protecting the university’s human and physical assets by:

  • Supporting departments in completing risk assessments and developing risk mitigation strategies;
  • Providing education on risk management topics;
  • Developing programs, guidelines, policies, and procedures to mitigate risks and guidance on risk mitigation tools, such as insurance;
  • Procuring and managing the university’s insurance programs;
  • Administering the university’s insurance claims;
  • Conducting risk assessments for campus event;
  • Reviewing insurance documents, and leases, contracts or agreements for appropriate coverage and language; and
  • Overseeing international risk management.

For questions or assistance, please contact Risk Management.

Additional Risk Management Resources

University Policies and Procedures 

Risk Management Contacts

12601 Aquarius Agora Dr.
Classroom Building 1, Suite 302
Orlando, FL 32816-2191

Andrea Gandy
Director, Enterprise Risk and Insurance Management

Olivia Escalona
Risk Management Coordinator

Carmen Brache
Risk Management Specialist

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