Event Safety

Special events are an important part of the University of Central Florida experience. From Spirit Splash to Market Day, special events enrich the community and provide entertainment and excitement to a vibrant educational this institution.

In order to protect the University and its various constituencies, Risk Management helps to administer University policies regarding insurance requirements and documentation of off-campus entities sponsoring or participating in UCF related events.

A Certificate of Insurance provides needed proof of insurance for off campus, non-University affiliated organizations, and/or unapproved vendors who will stage events, or provide products or services on campus. These groups or businesses will need to provide a current Certificate of Insurance indicating minimum General Liability coverage in the amount of $1 million per occurrence, listing UCF Board of trustees as “Additional Insured” and UCF Insurance Coordinator as “Certificate holder.” See Sample Certificate attached.

The Safe Form is administered through the University Office of Student Involvement is the process for groups to use to secure proper authorization for campus events.

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University Policies and Procedures

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