Camp Insurance – UCF Sponsored Camps

Camp insurance provides coverage for participants attending a camp or school, including sports activities, administered by the university. The insurance covers medical expenses associated with an accident or sickness as a result of a covered activity (activity sponsored or supervised by the university). To request camp insurance, please use the below button to complete the enrollment form. Once complete, follow the instructions on the form to submit.


Should an incident occur that requires use of camp insurance, program sponsors are required to notify the Office of Enterprise Risk and Insurance no more than 5 days after the incident. For camps registered with the university’s Youth Protection Program, the Office of Compliance and Ethics should also be notified. Sponsors will need to provide the following as it relates to the incident: location, date, time, parties involved, and description of incident. Sponsors should use the claim form provided to you during the enrollment process to submit the claim to the insurer.

Please note:
• If you are not sure what kind of camp insurance works for your camp, please use the decision tree here.
• Camp insurance pays covered expenses after the deductible (if any) is satisfied and in excess of amounts paid by any other health care plan.
• Any benefit due will be paid after written proof of loss is provided. It is the responsibility of the camp / program to pay any cost up-front for which they will be reimbursed via insurance proceeds.

If you have any questions regarding the form or coverage or to report an incident, please contact the Office of Enterprise Risk and Insurance at