Equipment Breakdown

The following outlines the coverages, exclusions and specifications of the Equipment Breakdown (formerly called Boiler & Machinery) Insurance policy. The equipment and property loss covered under this policy is specifically excluded under the State Property policy. Please note that some of the additional coverages have sub-limits and the information provided is only a summary of the benefits; the actual policy will govern. Below is a current list of buildings covered under this policy. If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management.

Equipment Breakdown Schedule


  • Property Damage:direct physical damage caused by or resulting from an abrupt and accidental breakdown to Covered Equipment.
  • Business Income & Extra Expense:net profit or loss incurred due to impairment of operations, and necessary expenses incurred to continue operations over and above normal operating expenses as a result of a breakdown to Covered Equipment.

Coverage Territory

  • Buildings listed on the Equipment Breakdown Schedule.

Covered Equipment

  • Mechanical or Electrical System or Apparatus:designed and built to operate under internal pressure or vacuum other than weight of contents, this includes but is not limited to, boilers and fired pressure vessels; hot water tanks, air tanks; refrigerating and air conditioning units, vessels and piping; turbines; centrifugal compressors, pumps, fans, blowers; electrical motors, generators; reciprocating compressors, pumps, internal combustion engines; gears; and transformers.
  • Other:any other electrical or mechanical machine or apparatus that is used to generate, transmit or otherwise use electrical or mechanical power, this includes but is not limited to medical or scientific diagnostic equipment; elevators, conveyors and hoist equipment; fiber optic cable; paper machines; hydraulic presses; extruders; production machines; switchboards; cables; bus ducts; circuit breakers; and accessory equipment connected to any of the foregoing.

Additional Coverages

  • Ammonia Contamination:pay for direct physical damage to personal property under refrigeration caused by or resulting from the mixture of or contact between property and ammonia caused by or resulting from breakdown.
  • Debris Removal:cost to demolish and remove debris of damaged property resulting from breakdown.
  • Electronic Data:cost to replace or recreate software, data or other information in electronic form including media.
  • Expediting Expense:reasonable and necessary expenses to cost to make temporary repairs or expedite permanent repairs or replacement of damaged property.
  • Fungus Clean-up or Removal:costs to clean up, remove, restore or replace covered property because of the presence of fungus caused by or resulting from breakdown.
  • Pollutant Clean-up or Removal:costs to cleanup or remove pollutants from land, water or air either inside or outside of building if the discharge, dispersal, seepage, migration, release or escape of the pollutants is caused by or resulting from breakdown.
  • Public Safety Service Charge:charges assumed under any contractor or agreement, or are required to pay by local ordinance to save or protect Covered Equipment from direct physical damaged caused by or resulting from breakdown.
  • Spoilage – Scheduled Locations or Utility Owned Equipment:pay for direct physical damage to personal property susceptible to spoiling or rapid decay or deterioration caused by or resulting from lack of power, light, heat, steam or refrigeration.
  • Newly Acquired Location:coverage for a newly acquired building while awaiting formal approval to add to the policy from the insurance company, subject to an additional premium, written notification and 180 day limit.
  • Ordinance or Law:costs to repair or replace damaged property, cost to demolish and clear site of undamaged portion of the building, increased cost to repair or reconstruct damaged or destroyed building as required by ordinance or law.
  • Green Standards:repair or replace Covered Equipment that include expenses to: hire professionals accredited pursuant to green standards, register and certify repair or replaced property to green standards, dispose of debris certified to green standards, and ventilate the repaired or replaced property to green standards when direct physical damage is caused by or results from a breakdown.
  • Water Damage:pay for direct physical damage to Covered Property caused by or resulting from water that escapes from plumbing systems, refrigeration systems or cooling systems caused by or resulting from breakdown.


  • Coverages:Earth movement; errors in systems programming; fire; flood; freezing; lightning; malicious programming; nuclear hazard; sprinkler leakage; windstorm or hail; faulty design; gradual loss; or loss of market.
  • Covered Equipment:insulating or refractory material; glass lining; catalyst; piping, vessels or cables, not enclosed in conduit, buried directly in the ground; sewer piping; sprinkler system piping; structure, foundation, cabinet or compartment containing or supporting Covered Equipment; floating structure; or crane booms and cables.


  • $200 million:
  • Property Damage
  • $2.5 million:
  • Business income and extra expense
  • $1 million:
  • Spoilage; water damage; electronic data; and expediting expenses


  • Property Damage:$25,000, with some exceptions.
  • Business Income & Extra Expense:24 hours, with some exceptions.


  • Replacement Cost:at the lessor of the following: (1) amount spent to repair or replace, or (2) cost to repair or replace with property of like, kind, capacity, size, and quality subject to limits of the policy.


  • Annually:Variable (based on the type and use of a building) plus 5% admin fee.


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