Miscellaneous Property

The following outlines the coverages, exclusions and specifications of the Miscellaneous Property Insurance policy. Please note that that some of the additional coverages have sub-limits and the information provided is only a summary of the benefits; the actual policy will govern. If your department, division, unit, etc. is interested in signing up for this insurance, please complete the below excel spreadsheet with your Miscellaneous Property Electronic Equipment or Other Equipment. An example highlighted in yellow is shown on the spreadsheet. If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management.

Miscellaneous Property Schedule


  • All Items:All risks of direct physical loss or damage caused by or resulting from a peril not otherwise excluded.

Coverage Territory

  • The United States, the District of Columbia, Canada and Puerto Rico

Items Covered (Scheduled Property Floater (SPF) Coverage Form)

  • Property:owned or in the care, custody and control of UCF.

Items Covered (Radio and Television Equipment (RTE) Coverage Form)

  • Property:owned or which UCF is responsible for which includes but is not limited to towers, antennae, auxiliary equipment and appurtenant electrical operating and control apparatus; radio and TV transmitting, receiving, recording and monitoring equipment; mobile units; and TV’s, radio, TV and film peripheral, cameras or camcorders.

Excluded Items

  • Both Coverage Forms:aircraft or watercraft or vehicles licensed for highway use; accounts, bills, currency, deeds, food stamps or other debts; or contraband or illegal property.
  • SPF Coverage Forms:buildings and land; or property while waterborne, except items in transit by a carrier.
  • RTE Coverage Forms:furs, jewelry or precious/semi-precious stones; gold, silver or precious metals or alloys; property leased, loaned or rented to someone else including property sold under a deferred payment sales agreement; paintings or other works of art; bridges, roadways, walks, patios or other paved surfaces; cost of excavations, grading, backfilling or filling; foundation of buildings; land and water; bulkheads, pilings, piers, wharves or docks; retaining walls not a part of the building; or underground pipes.

Additional Coverages (Both Coverage Forms)

  • Debris Removal:costs to remove debris of covered property from a covered cause of loss, if reported within 180 days.
  • Pollution Cleanup and Removal:expenses to extract pollutants from land or water and premises if the discharge, dispersal, seepage, migration, release or escape of the pollutants is covered under the policy, if reported within 180 days.

Additional Coverages (SPF Coverage Form)

  • Newly Acquired Equipment:direct physical loss caused by a peril not excluded, if reported within 60 days.

Additional Coverages (RTE Coverage Form)

  • Preservation of Property:costs to move covered property to preserve it from loss or damage to another temporary location, while being moved, but only for initial 30 days.
  • Fungi, Wet/Dry Rot:direct physical loss or damage to covered property; cost to remove and replace any part of a building to gain access to fungi or wet/dry rot; cost of testing after removal, repair, replacement or restoration of damaged property provided this is reason to believe fungi or wet/dry rot is present.


  • Both Coverage Forms:civil authority/governmental action; nuclear hazard; war and military action; contamination or deterioration including rust, decay and latent defects; criminal, fraudulent, dishonest or illegal acts; electrical currents; loss of use; mechanical breakdown; unexplained disappearance or inventory shortage; voluntary parting; virus, bacterium or other microorganism; failure, malfunction or inadequacy of computer hardware, software, networks or equipment; terrorism; or wear and tear.
  • SPF Coverage Form:earth movement; sewer, septic tank, sump or drain backup and water below the surface; explosion, rupture or bursting; pollutants; temperature/ humidity; or theft from unattended vehicle unless there are signs of forced entry.
  • RTE Coverage Form:processing or work upon the property; unauthorized transfer of property; neglect; insects, vermin or rodents.


  • SPF Coverage Form
  • Claims less than $2,500:$100
  • Claims greater than or equal to $2,500:$500
  • Flood:Varies
  • RTE Coverage Form
  • All Claims:$2,500
  • Co-Insurance
  • SPF Coverage Form:80% to value
  • RTE Coverage Form:90% to value
  • Valuation
  • SPF Coverage Form:actual cash value (replacement cost minus depreciation), cost to reasonable restore property, or cost to replace, whichever is less.
  • RTE Coverage Form:replacement cost.


  • SPF Coverage Form:$0.166/$100 of Value plus 5% admin fee
  • RTE Coverage Form:$0.211/$100 of Value plus 5% admin fee

Quarterly Reporting Dates

  • 1st/5th Quarter Due: August 1, 2019
  • 2nd Quarter Due: November 1, 2019
  • 3rd Quarter Due: February 1, 2019
  • 4th Quarter Due: May 1, 2019


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