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In addition, to the Ocean Marine policy, departments, division, units, etc. (referred to as Purchaser) can also purchase the Cargo policy either with the Ocean Marine policy or as a stand-alone policy by itself. The following outlines the coverages, exclusions and specifications of the Cargo Insurance policy and are the same regardless if purchased with the Ocean Marine or by itself. The policy period is based on the selected dates for transit and will vary based on individual need. The State Property policy does not cover property while in transit. Please note that that this policy has many clauses with specific coverages and exclusions, so only a small summary of the benefits are provide; the actual policy will govern. If your department, division, unit, etc. is interested in purchasing this insurance, please contact Risk Management.


  • Cargo:all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause, except those risks which are excluded.

Coverage Territory

  • Worldwide, excluding shipments within the same country or between the Hawaii and/or Alaska and Canada. Additionally, countries are excluded by endorsement and listed under the Exclusions section. Shipments within or between the Continental U.S. and/or Canada are covered.

Covered Property

  • Goods and merchandise, while in the property of the University or while the University has an insurable interest, during transit, also referred to as Cargo.

Additional Coverages

  • Warehouse to Warehouse: coverage begins from the time the Cargo leaves the location named by the Purchaser, through the course of transit, until delivery of Cargo to destination named by the Purchaser.
  • General Average: pays the Purchaser’s portion of the cost to voluntary sacrifice Cargo to save the ship or crew for everyone’s benefit.
  • Inchmaree: pays any loss of or damage to Cargo through the bursting of boilers, breakage of shafts, or through any latent defects in the machinery, hull or appurtenances, or from faults or errors in the navigation and/or management of the vessel by the master, mariners, mates, engineers or pilots.
  • Shore: provides coverage for Cargo while on docks, wharves or elsewhere on shore and/or during land transportation for risks of collision, derailment, overturning or other accident to conveyance, fire, lightning, sprinkler leakage, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and/or collapse or subsidence of docks or wharves, regardless of the Particular Average exclusion, if any.
  • Explosion: covers loss, damage or expense resulting from explosion, regardless of any exclusions to the contrary.
  • Fumigation: covers direct loss or damage to Cargo because of fumigation ordered by the proper constituted authority.
  • Bill of Lading: coverage is not voided by a negligence clause or latent defect clause in the bills of lading; any wrongful act or misconduct by the shipowner or servants does not defeat recovery under the policy so long as the University was not involved in act or misconduct.
  • Both to Blame: pays the Universities portion of the amount due under a “Both to Blame Collision” clause under a Bill of Lading.
  • Warehousing & Forwarding Charges: pay any landing, warehousing, forwarding and special charges for which the University would be liable; also pays the insured value of the Cargo which is totally lost in loading, transshipment or discharge.
  • Deliberate Damage: loss of or damage to Cargo caused by governmental authorities acting for the public welfare to prevent or mitigate a pollution hazard.
  • Deliberate Damage Customs: direct physical loss of or damage to Cargo arising out of the performance of inspection duties by U.S. Customs Service or Canadian Customs Service or another governmental agency of the U.S. or Canada performing inspections.
  • Debris Removal: cost to remove debris from damaged Cargo as a result of a Covered Loss.


  • F.C. & S. Warranty:capture, seizure, arrest, restraint, detainment, confiscation, preemption, requisition or nationalization and the consequences thereof or any attempt thereat; weapons of war, mine or torpedo; all consequences of hostilities or warlike operations; civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, civil strife or piracy.
  • S.R. & C.C. Warranty:strikes, lockouts, labor disturbances, riots or civil commotion, or acts of any person(s) taking part in such occurrences or disorders; vandalism, sabotage or malicious acts carried out for political, terroristic or ideological purpose.
  • Additional Exclusions:nuclear reaction, radiation, or radioactive contamination; change in temperature or humidity; loss of market; chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic materials; coverage in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions; and import duty.
  • Excluded Countries:Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Congo, Eritrea, Russia, Haiti, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Israel, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Liberia, Nigeria, Cuba, North Korea, Macedonia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Pakistan, Sudan, Commonwealth of Independent States and all territories of the Former Yugoslavia.


  • Variable:(based on amount agreed by the University and the insurance company).

Limit and Valuation

  • Declared Value:amount reported to and approved by insurance company minus any unincurred charges or expense.


  • Variable:(based on the type and value of Cargo, location and travel method) plus 5% admin fee.


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