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International travel introduces us to unfamiliar destinations and people from whom to learn and with whom we can share. These destinations and interactions also offer experiences with which we can return and enhance the community of which we are a part. The University of Central Florida has long recognized international travel as integral to its pursuit of international prominence and a comprehensive global perspective. UCF’s research, study and partnerships are found at the forefront of international issues and as part of the global community. Such activity however, brings with it certain risks.

To ensure that the UCF community continues to have the opportunities to achieve its mission and goals, while at the same time protecting travelers from inherent risk, UCF has put in place specific procedures, policies, staff, and resources. These measures are indicators of the support and dedication the university has for those who wish to broaden UCF’s global reach and enrich the lives of all who they come in contact while being enriched by others.

As the UCF traveling population increases and the diversity of its destinations expand these efforts will continue to evolve. Some of these procedures, policies, staff and resources can be found below and throughout the links contained within this site.

In an emergency:

  • Travel Insurance Assistance Hotline:+1-630-694-9764
  • 24/7 Emergency Abroad Hotline: +1-407-823-0595
  • Emergency Abroad Email:

University Partners:

UCF Global Assistant Director: In an ongoing effort to minimize risk and excel in our duty of care, the university has a full-time, Health & Safety Assistant Director to assist university travelers going abroad.

Please contact for any of your international travel concerns.


International Travel Essentials: This online training provides an overview of travel safety, guidelines and resources. Faculty, staff and students are automatically enrolled once they have registered their travel; however, you can also enroll by clicking here.

AXA Travel Assistance: UCF travelers may use the temporary log-in information below to access global threat assessments and location-based intelligence.

U.S. Department of State (DoS): The DoS provides a vast array of resources to travelers both prior to departure and while abroad.

OSAC Travel Guide: The objective of this guide is to equip international travelers with tactics and procedures that may reduce the risks inherent to overseas travel.

Travel Insurance: As part of the foreign travel insurance program, the university provides coverage to faculty, staff and students traveling outside of the United States on university sponsored trips for Travel Accident & Sickness insurance.


Restricted Travel: To ensure travelers to higher-risk destinations have the appropriate resources and support, approval for such travel must be sought from the Office of the Provost.

Travel Registry: All international travel associated with UCF must be registered. This allows us to provide travelers with pertinent information as well as respond efficiently in an emergency.

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