UCF Center for Ethics – Upcoming Ethically Speaking Series Events

The UCF Center for Ethics, led by Jonathan Beever (Director and Co-Founder) and Stephen Keubler (Associate Director and Co-Founder, aims to cultivate an institutional culture of ethical literacy, including a unified and ongoing conversation about ethics and a habit of practical application around ethics in research, teaching and partnerships. The center focuses on helping the UCF community gain a richer understanding as well as the tools necessary to applying that new knowledge in a rapidly changing world where technology is creating many more opportunities to think ethically about our work and our future. 

NEW – Ethically Speaking
An interdisciplinary speaker series on contemporary moral issues

Gene editing. Artificial intelligence. A changing climate. Intersections of technology, values and communities in our rapidly changing world raise important ethical questions. Join the UCF Center for Ethics for a series of lectures by nationally renowned researchers, thinkers and leaders who will explore contemporary issues, ethically speaking.