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CER020 Gifts and Honoraria – 2021

CER021 Potential Conflicts – Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees – 2021

CER022 New Hire UCF Employee Code of Conduct-Speak Up Training (English)

CER023 New Hire UCF Employee Code of Conduct-Speak Up Training (Spanish)


                         Know the Code     

Communications with the Public and Media

Conflicts of Interest


Gifts and Honoraria

Reporting Violations

University Resources

Protecting Personal Information


                 Online Training Videos

 Your Life in Headlines


Misuse of Resources

Retaliation Awareness


Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest

Employment of Relatives


Respecting Others 




Responding to Workplace Violence



Maintaining a Safe and Secure Workplace

Ethical Leadership


Kids on Compliance: Fairness, Honesty, and Trust

<p>View UCF Employee<br />Code of Conduct</p>

View UCF Employee
Code of Conduct

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Speak up when you know of or suspect unethical behavior.

The INTEGRITYLINE allows you to report ethical concerns without the fear of retaliation — 24/7. Secure. Anonymous.

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