Our Staff

Whether you have questions or concerns about compliance, ethics, or risk related matters, or simply want to learn more about our office, you can reach us using the contact information below.

Rhonda L. Bishop
Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer
(407) 823-6263

University Compliance

Christina L. Serra
Director of Compliance and Ethics
(407) 823-0556
Georgiana DeBoer
Senior Compliance Analyst
Margaret M. Melli
Executive Administrative Assistant
(407) 823-6263

Athletics Compliance

Nicole Harvey
Sr. Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
(407) 823-4297
Cameron Walker
Assistant Athletic Director
(407) 823-3349
Adam Grams
(407) 823-4511
Paul Kilgas
Assistant Director
(407) 823-4421
Francesca Wood
Assistant Director
(407) 823-3214

Compliance Partners and Compliance and Ethics Advisory Committee
Compliance and ethics is everyone’s responsibility at UCF.  While the University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Office maintains oversight and responsibility for the university-wide compliance and ethics program, our compliance partners lead targeted compliance programs across the university.  Additionally, UCF has established a Compliance and Ethics Advisory Committee (CEAC) to assist with the development of a comprehensive compliance and ethics program.  Working together, we form the university’s comprehensive compliance and ethics program.

For a list of our compliance partners, including their departments with respective compliance responsibility, refer to the Accountability Matrix .  To view the list of our CEAC members, refer to the CEAC webpage.

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