IntegrityStar UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter

New or Updated UCF Policies and Regulations

In each IntegrityStar edition, we provide a list of new or updated UCF policies and regulations to keep you informed of the various requirements that you need to know. Since the publication of our last IntegrityStar edition, UCF issued the following new or revised policies and regulations:


2-001.6 University Policy Development

2-012.3 Title IX Grievance Policy

2-100.6 Florida Public Records Act – Scope and Compliance

2-700.2 Reporting Misconduct and Protection from Retaliation

3-003.4 Deductions from Salary of Exempt Employees

3-010.2 Eligibility For Overtime Compensation

3-126.1 Comprehensive Space Management

4-005.2 Special Collections and University Archives

4-009.4 Cellular Telephone Acquisition and Use

4-212 Time and Effort Certification on Sponsored Research, Training, and Service Projects

4-217 Controlled Unclassified Information

4-403.1 Required Elements of the Course Syllabus


UCF-2.002 Undergraduate Admission of First-time, Degree-seeking Freshman

UCF-2.003 Admission of Graduate Students

UCF-2.009 Admission of International Students

UCF-2.041 Nursing Education

UCF-3.0031 Tuition Waiver Benefit Programs

UCF-3.010 Faculty Evaluation and Improvement

UCF-3.033 USPS Predetermination Procedures for Employees with Regular Status

UCF-3.040 Benefits and Hours of Work

UCF-4.033 Delinquent Accounts Receivable

UCF-5.006 Student Rights and Responsibilities

UCF-5.0065 Involuntary Withdrawal Procedures; Mandated Assessment

UCF-5.008 Rules of Conduct

UCF-5.009 Student Conduct Review Process; Sanctions

UCF-5.010 Student Conduct Appeals

UCF-5.011 Scope; Authority; Principles of Group Responsibility; Violations of Law and Organizational Rules of Conduct Violations; Records; Medical Emergencies (Alcohol & Drug)

UCF-5.013 Organizational Conduct Review Process; Sanctions; Appeals

UCF-5.015 Student Academic Behavior Misconduct Review Process

UCF-6.008 Vehicle Registration Fees; Parking Violation Fines

UCF-9.004 UCFAA Employee Tuition Waiver Course Enrollment

The online repository of UCF policies and procedures is available at the UCF Policies and Procedures website. UCF regulations are online at the UCF Regulations website.

Draft policies submitted to the University Policies and Procedures Committee will be published for two weeks in the policies and procedures library for review and comment by the university community. Comments will be provided to the committee and the initiating and responsible authority for consideration prior to the meeting of the University Policies and Procedures Committee. After the committee has voted to approve the policy, the chair forwards it to the president for his final review and approval.

Please be sure to sign up to receive notifications when policies and regulations are posted for comment. Information on how to do this is available at UCF Policies and Procedures Notification webpage and UCF Regulations Notifications webpage.