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A Message from Rhonda L. Bishop

An ethical workplace = a better place to work. I’ve delivered ethics and ethical leadership training here for many years now. Helping not only just our leaders, but also our employees understand how their actions can contribute to a place where everyone looks forward to coming to work. Making the connection between our ethical standards contained in the Code of Conduct to everyday workplace challenges helps our employees to take actionable steps to improve their own workplace. Many of you may not be aware, but UCF also has the UCF Center for Ethics. This past year we’ve had the opportunity to support the UCF Center for Ethics in creating the Ethically Speaking Series – a training opportunity covering global ethical issues. Take a minute to read the article on the Ethically Speaking Series to learn more.

Earlier this month we distributed communications regarding the UCF Compliance and Ethics Culture Survey, which is now available through March 31. Beginning in 2016, we’ve been doing this survey every two years to check UCF’s ethical culture and health. We use information gathered from the results to improve the compliance and ethics program, and hopefully, make UCF a better place to work. To obtain more information about the survey and to access the link to complete the survey, check out the article on this topic.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the 2021 Compliance and Ethics Week activities back in November 2021. We offered three superhero themed training videos: Civility Superheroes, Mission Impossible, and Compliance League of Superheroes, which received very good reviews. Compared to past years, we had the highest participation this year with 248 employees participating. Thanks to the many donations we received from our partners across campus, we were able to offer outstanding prizes to 100 randomly selected employees. A special thank you goes out to the following departments for their contributions to this successful event: College of Business Administration; Fraternity and Sorority Life; John C. Hitt Libraries; LEAD Scholars; Office of Diversity and Inclusion; Office of Student Involvement; Office of Undergraduate Admissions; Recreation and Wellness Center; Student Development and Enrollment Services; Student Legal Services; UCF Advancement; UCF Athletics Association; UCF School of Performing Arts; and University Events and Engagement.  If you were not able to participate, don’t worry – you can still view the videos from the 2021 Compliance and Ethics Week webpage.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the IntegrityStar. If you haven’t attended one of my Ethical Leadership trainings, I look forward to seeing you in the future. As always, we welcome your suggestions for topics as well as your feedback. Please write to us at