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A Message from Rhonda L. Bishop

We all want to work in an environment where we feel respected. This is so important to us here at UCF that Respect is one of the ethical standards contained within our Code of Conduct. What does the ethical standard Respect mean and how does it apply to what we do here at UCF?  It means that we always treat others with civility and dignity as we conduct our work; to embrace, celebrate, and value diversity and inclusion. We must always respect the ideas of others, even when they differ from our own. Most importantly, we do not tolerate harassment, mistreatment, belittling, harming, or taking advantage of others. Imagine working in a place where these standards do not exist. Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable in any working environment. It is important for us to ensure, however, that we know how to appropriately handle conflict and prevent it from creating an environment where others do not feel respected. We also have to understand the fine line between disrespect and harassment. For more information and to view the available resources please take a minute and read the articles Resolving Workplace Conflicts and The Subtleties of Discriminatory Harassment.

Each calendar year, the office prepares and issues the UCF IntegrityLine report, which contains a summary of the types of reports submitted through the IntegrityLine, the investigation outcomes, and any trends that were identified during the year. Since our inaugural edition of the IntegrityStar in 2016 we have provided updates on our IntegrityLine cases and this edition is no exception. The full 2020 IntegrityLine Report is provided in this edition of the IntegrityStar.

Although we are unable to devote a full article to the following announcements, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to recognize the university’s Ombuds Office and remind you of Ombuds Day which occurs the on the second Thursday each October (for more information, check out our earlier article on this topic: ). I’d also like to announce that Compliance and Ethics Week is celebrated nationally every November; this year it is November 8-12, 2021, so keep an eye out for an announcement regarding our scheduled virtual activities.

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