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Who are Ombuds?

It’s a profession that has been around for centuries but remains relatively unknown. According to the International Ombudsman Association, “Ombuds work in and with all types of institutions, including governments, colleges and universities, corporations, nonprofits, hospitals, and news organizations. As an informal channel through which constituents (employees, students, faculty, public citizens, specific populations, etc.) can discuss and surface problems. Ombuds programs provide a safe place to address issues without fear of retaliation. This in turn enhances governance, ethics, and risk management strategies, contributing to the overall well-being of public and private organizations, government, and the public. Accordingly, the ABA Ombuds Committee believes ombuds programs should be an integral part of any conflict management system. Yet, the term “ombuds” and the practice are not widely understood. More than that, there are many variations or “types” of ombuds practices.”

Did you know that UCF has an Ombuds Office? Perhaps you did, but didn’t quite know what the Ombuds Office did?

In honor of Ombuds Day, celebrated annually on the second Thursday of October, we wanted to offer a sneak peek into the services provided by our very own University Ombuds Office.

Taken from the University Ombuds Office website

Do you need help?

Do you need someone to listen to you?

Is something bothering you and you don’t know where to go?

You can call or visit the University Ombuds Office, they can help!

For more information on what the University Ombuds Office can offer, please visit their website at or contact them directly at:

University of Central Florida
Millican Hall, Suite 243, Room 247
Phone: (407)823-6440 or (407)823-6441
E-Mail: Shreya Trivedi or Daniel Thompson
Fax: (407)823-3085

(Please remember that e-mail is not appropriate for confidential communications. Due to the confidential, neutral, informal and independent function of the Ombuds Office, communication with the office does not constitute notice to UCF.)

Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Appointments can be set for other hours, as needed.