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A message from University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk

As reported in the last edition of the IntegrityStar, UCF’s Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, Rhonda Bishop, departed UCF in April and the search to find her replacement is underway. Christina Serra, Director of Compliance and Ethics, serves as the Interim Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer until a replacement is named. The office is grateful for the search committee’s time, effort, and attention to finding the right candidate to fill this very important position and will keep you updated as the search progresses. We also appreciate the support from our compliance partners during this interim period.

To that end, this edition of the IntegrityStar was created in close collaboration with our compliance partners, and we devoted the edition to the timely issue of safety – safety in the workplace, safety on campus, and the instrumental roles of our committed compliance partners – the UCF Police Department, the Department of Security and Emergency Management, and Environmental Health and Safety. Each plays a critical part in making our campus safe for our students, employees, and visitors. We’d like to thank each of our compliance partners for contributing articles on this extremely important subject.

In the Recognition section, we take the opportunity to recognize a few outstanding individuals who are part of the team which makes up Environmental Health and Safety. These employees have provided our office with their expertise, time, and attention when compliance issues have arisen to ensure that our campus, employees, students, and visitors are safe.

As always, we welcome your suggestions for future topics and your feedback. Please write to us at