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UCF Background Check Policy & Procedure Updates

Beginning April 2019, Human Resources will be implementing stronger background check procedures which are included in the new university policy 3-011 Background Checks which can be found at These procedures are applicable to all UCF and UCF direct support organizations, prospective job applicants, temporary staff, current employees and volunteers working with minors or working in positions identified by duties as requiring a background check.

Background Screening

We utilize three categories of background checks at UCF:

  1. Florida State Level 1, temporary workers hired through a staffing agency and contractors working at UCF must provide certification of Florida State Level 1 background check clearance.
  2. Florida State Level 2, UCF employees or volunteers working with minors in university programs and events will be subject to Florida State Level 2 background check.
  3. UCF Standard, all UCF employees, with the exception of undergraduate students, are required to undergo a UCF standard background check conducted by Human Resources before employment begins at the university.

Expenses incurred for processing background checks will be charged directly to the respective hiring department. Details of the categories can be found online at

Some important updates to our Background Check Policy include:

  • Human Resources will review criminal history background checks prior to making an offer of employment. A selected candidate may not begin their employment with UCF without the successful completion of the required level background check and clearance from Human Resources.
  • Employees hired through an executive search firm are required to undergo the appropriate background check conducted through Human Resources.
  • Upon completion of a UCF Standard background check, Human Resources is responsible for examining the results and making the final determination to begin employment. If a candidate is not cleared, the hiring official will be notified so that they can select an alternate applicant.
  • Youth Protection – The Florida State Level 2 background checks for UCF employees/volunteers will be coordinated through Human Resources. All requests for background checks in this capacity must be received by Human Resources no later than 30 days before the start of the program. Background checks are required to be completed once every five years to remain in compliance with state statutory requirements.
  • If there is a break in service and the individual is being rehired, a new criminal background check may need to be processed. The university also reserves the right to conduct background check screenings on any current employee who meet the conditions outlined in the new 3-011 Background Check policy.
  • After clearance by the university background check process, current employees are required to report any arrest and/or conviction which occurs during their employment to Human Resources within 48 hours. Human Resources will evaluate all convictions to determine whether it would be appropriate to change the conditions of employment.

Question about the new Background Check policy should be referred to HR Talent Acquisition at