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Audit Unlocked

Easy Fraud Awareness

by Tina Maier, Associate Director University Audit

Being aware that fraud can and does happen is key in helping prevent occurrences of fraud. Slowly but surely through training and other initiatives, we are increasing fraud awareness and preventative measures to our university. To expand fraud awareness, University Audit offers Fraud Awareness Training (FAT) through WebCourses.

As part of our audit process, management and key staff of the area being audited are required to take FAT. The training consists of watching a video (about 30 minutes) and completing a survey and a five-question quiz. It’s an interesting watch and we’ve had positive feedback on the training from our audit clients.

As of May 2019, all new employees are required to take FAT along with other important training such as Information Security Awareness, UCF Employee Code of Conduct/Speak Up! Whistleblower Training and FERPA.

Consider taking this training opportunity to increase your fraud awareness and be a part of the university’s commitment to a safe and welcoming environment. Plus, it is a great way to fill any downtime you and or your employees may have while working remotely.

To access the training:

  • Log into myUCF with your NID and NID password
  • Click on Employee Self-Service
  • Click on Learning and Development
  • Click on Request Training Enrollment
  • Click on Search by Course Number
  • Type in UA1006 and click the search button
  • Under Session Availability click on View Available Sessions
  • Under Session in Course Session Details, click on session 0001 to register for the course.

Important: The course start date will say 12/31/2020, but you can access the course as soon as the next day. You do not have to wait until 12/31/2020 to begin the course.