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Case Corner

Most reports submitted to the UCF IntegrityLine do not result in a finding of employee misconduct. In fact, most often we find that the reported issues are either the result of a misunderstanding or a gap that was identified in a process which needed to be fixed. These types of reports are very helpful to the university because it allows for corrections and results in happier students and employees. We all love a happy ending so for this edition we are providing two cases that resulted in a positive outcome.

Case #1

A student submitted a report alleging that an employee had mishandled documents for their residency application resulting in a significant delay in response and unnecessary fees assessed on the student’s account. Upon receipt of the report, University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk referred the matter to the University Registrar who immediately looked into the issue. The registrar found no misconduct on behalf of an employee but instead a gap in their process for transitioning work of an employee who had left the university. This student’s application had unfortunately slipped through the cracks but was immediately resurrected and remedied upon receipt of the IntegrityLine report. With a deep apology for the delay, the registrar was able to contact the student to notify them that their residency application was approved and that the late fees assessed would be removed. The student was very grateful and relieved and we were happy to be able to facilitate the positive outcome.


 Case #2

A student submitted a report alleging that their professor was requiring all students in the class to purchase a video package that the professor created themselves and was making a profit from the students’ purchases. Upon receipt of the IntegrityLine report, University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk reviewed the professor’s potential outside activity, employment, and conflict of interest and commitment disclosure to see if the professor had disclosed the donation of funds for the purchase of materials. Once it was identified that the professor had not disclosed this, the office contacted the chair of the department. The chair confirmed that they were aware of the materials and had already approved the use of the materials for the professor. The chair also confirmed that the professor was not compensated in any way for the production or use of the materials thereby eliminating any need to submit a disclosure for its use. To remedy the issue and avoid future misunderstandings the chair instructed the professor to post on their syllabus the fact that they were not compensated for producing or requiring the materials. This outcome provides more transparency and hopefully eliminates any further concerns of this nature.


We appreciate the students who submitted reports allowing the university an opportunity to address these concerns. If you become aware of a situation that you believe is not in accordance with UCF regulations, policies, procedures, or standards of conduct, please report it through the available reporting mechanisms or submit a report through the UCF IntegrityLine.