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Case Corner

In this editions’ Case Corner, we turn our attention to IntegrityLine cases handled by leadership in support of the university’s aspiration to be a best place to learn and work.


University Compliance and Ethics received IntegrityLine reports alleging an employee was engaging in unprofessional behavior in the workplace causing good employees to leave. Workplace behavior is a performance matter that the university expects leadership to address. The first IntegrityLine report stated that the individual was extremely loud and was using inappropriate language in the office over the last three months to a year. University Compliance and Ethics referred the report to the employee’s leadership to address. Leadership spoke with the employee to set expectations of appropriate workplace behavior. University Compliance and Ethics received subsequent reports alleging that the individual was engaging in similar unprofessional, unethical behaviors, and that leadership was aware but unable to effectively address the behavior. Based on the subsequent reports, University Compliance and Ethics met with leadership to develop an approach to address the concerns. Working together, the office and leadership prepared climate survey questions and leadership met individually with each staff member within the affected area. Due to the allegation that leadership was unable to address the behavior, it was important that leadership be active in this review process and take appropriate steps upon conclusion of the discussions.

Actions Taken

After meeting with the employees in the affected areas, leadership did not substantiate the allegations but was able to identify some behaviors that were not conducive to UCF’s aspiration of being a best place to learn and work. Leadership issued the employee a memo of counsel outlining expectations for professional behavior and required the employee to take several training courses focused on leadership, civility, and ethical behavior.

We appreciate the individuals who submitted the UCF IntegrityLine reports allowing the university the opportunity to address the concerns. If you become aware of a situation that you believe is not in accordance with UCF regulations, policies, procedures, or standards of conduct, please report it through the available reporting mechanisms or submit a report through the UCF IntegrityLine.