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Announcing the UCF Employee Code of Conduct!

University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk is very pleased to announce the UCF Employee Code of Conduct now available online at

There are many laws, regulations, UCF policies, and ethical standards that we, as employees, are already expected to follow. The purpose of the UCF Employee Code of Conduct is to provide one guiding document that highlights many of these requirements and that can serve as a resource for employees when faced with questions or ethical dilemmas.

All employees are required to follow the UCF Employee Code of Conduct. Online training is available to assist employees in becoming familiar with the provisions of the Code of Conduct.

To register for the course:

  1. Log on to myUCF ( with your Network ID (NID) and NID password
  2. Under Employee Self Service, select Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment
  3. Search by Course Name> UCF Employee Code of Conduct, then click Search
  4. Click to View Available Sessions
  5. Click on the Session Number to select the session closest to the current date, then click Continue
  6. Review the information on the Submit Request screen, then click Submit

You will receive a confirmation email once registration is complete. From there, you can log onto to launch the course. For questions about the login process, call (407) 823-6263 or email

If you have any questions about the UCF Employee Code of Conduct contact University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk at 407-823-6263 or