Compliance and Ethics Advisory Committee


The Compliance and Ethics Advisory Committee (CEAC) was established to assist the Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer in the development of a comprehensive compliance and ethics program and mitigation of compliance and ethical risks at UCF.  The purpose of the committee is to ensure consistent communication and development of compliance and ethics programs across the university.  The committee members are charged with promoting a culture of ethics, accountability, and compliance at UCF.


Rhonda L. Bishop (Chair)
Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer
University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk

Doug Backman
Director, Office of Research Integrity & Compliance
Office of Research and Commercialization

Eliza Bardin
Legal Affairs and Health Care Compliance, College of Medicine

Richard Beary
Associate Vice President and Chief of Police
UCF Police Department

Nancy Myers
Office of Institutional Equity

Maureen Binder
Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources

Brian Boyd
University Registrar
Registrar’s Office

Renee Michel
Environmental Health and Safety

Nataly Chandia
Assistant Vice President
International Affairs and Global Strategies

Gordon Chavis
Associate Vice President
Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Assistance, Student Outreach Services

Georgiana DeBoer
Senior Compliance Analyst
University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk

Rob Folger
Faculty Senate

Adrienne Frame
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Mark Gumble
Assistant Vice President

Nicole Harvey
Senior Associate Athletics Director
Athletics Compliance

Alicia Keaton
Student Financial Assistance

Lee Kernek
Associate Vice President
Facilities and Safety

Ronnie Korosec
Associate Provost and Director of Operations
Academic Affairs

Shainoor Ladha-Karmali
Associate General Counsel, Legal Affairs and Special Projects
Legal Affairs, College of Medicine

Joel Levenson
Associate Director
Finance and Accounting, Tax

John Pittman
Associate Vice President
Debt Management

Deborah Pope
USPS Staff Council

Greg Robinson
UCF Procurement Services

Curt Sawyer
Associate Vice President
University Services

Christina Serra
Director of Compliance and Ethics
University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk

Robert Taft
Chief Audit Executive
University Audit

Chris Vakhordjian
Information Security Officer
Computer Services & Telecommunications

Jennifer Wright
Integrity and Ethical Development

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