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These FAQs provide general guidelines for all employees regarding Privacy and Security. For more specific guidance, please contact


Where can I find UCF’s Clean Desk Policy?

UCF’s Clean Desk Policy resides within our Data Classification and Protection Policy.


Who do I notify if a state agency requests data from UCF?

Court orders, subpoenas, or requests from federal or state agencies for access to university, state, or federal data should be referred to the Office of the General Counsel via or 407-823-2482.


Who do I notify if an individual wants a copy of their personal data or to have that information removed?

Send an email to


Does UCF send phishing emails to staff, faculty, and students to test their resilience against these types of threats?



Whose responsibility is it to protect university-related information, including Restricted and Highly Restricted data?

Everyone affiliated with our institution, including you!


Who may I share my password(s) with?

No one – ever.


How can I manage all of my varying passwords?

You can use a Password Manager (application).  Several exist, so do some research as to which one will work best for you.