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In each IntegrityStar edition, we highlight some frequently asked questions. In this sixth edition, we offer the following questions and answers related to our Code of Conduct.

The following FAQs provide general guidelines for all employees. For more specific guidance, please contact University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk at 407-823-6263 or

Question & Answer

 What is the purpose of the UCF Employee Code of Conduct?

The purpose of the UCF Employee Code of Conduct is to provide employees with a resource that summarizes many of our university policies and regulations, as well as state and federal regulations that apply to the university, and the ethical standards which employees are expected to follow. If you have questions, you can talk with your immediate supervisor, department manager, Human Resources, or University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk.

To whom does the Code of Conduct apply?

The UCF Employee Code of Conduct applies to all employees including the senior leadership team, faculty, and staff members. The Student Code of Conduct outlines expectations for students.

What if some of my personal beliefs are in conflict with some of UCF’s policies?

We do not seek to change the personal beliefs of our employees. However, we do define expectations of how employees should behave in the workplace through our Employee Code of Conduct and university policies. These, in turn, are based on our ethical standards.

What happens if I accidentally violate our Code of Conduct, another policy, a law, or regulation?

It really depends; every situation is different. Employee misconduct, whether intentional or accidental, will be reviewed by management to ensure proper resolution and/or disciplinary measures are carried out in accordance with UCF policy.

Will I be protected from disciplinary measures if I document and prove that a higher-ranking employee asked me to circumvent or break a law, regulation, or policy?

No, you must never engage in behavior that knowingly violates any law, regulation, or policy. If you feel you are being pressured to do something unethical, do not follow through, and report your concern immediately. Refer to Asking Questions, Raising Concerns section for reporting options.

 To whom should I report a violation or suspected violation of the UCF Employee Code of Conduct?

If you suspect that any member or affiliate member of our UCF community has violated any policy, regulation, or portion of the UCF Employee Code of Conduct, you have a responsibility to report it to the proper person in charge. You may contact the immediate supervisor, department manager, Human Resources, or University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk to discuss or voice any questions or concerns. Employees reluctant to report through one of these avenues are encouraged to use the UCF IntegrityLine.

If you become aware of an incident of sex or gender-based discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, relationship violence, or stalking that involves any student and you are not a confidential employee (employee who is entitled to have privileged communications under state law), you must immediately report the incident to the Office of Institutional Equity or the Title IX Coordinator (407-823- 1336;; 12692 Gemini Blvd. S., Suite 123, Orlando, FL 32816-0030).