IntegrityStar UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter


In each IntegrityStar edition, we highlight some frequently asked questions. In this ninth edition, we provide questions and answers related to the topic of reporting.

The FAQs provide general guidelines for all employees. For more specific guidance, please contact the appropriate office, or University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk at 407-823-6263 or

Questions and Answers

I have observed an issue that I believe violates university policies. How can I decide whether to report the issue?

You must report anything that is against our university policies, regulations, or the law. Know that our university is committed to taking every report seriously and when warranted, each report will be fully investigated. If you are not sure, or if you need clarification or help, we welcome your questions.

I’d like to bring a problem to someone’s attention, but how do I know who to tell?

The reporting process should begin with your supervisor. Your supervisor knows you and your job situation. If you are not comfortable speaking with your supervisor, you can report through central or administrative offices having specialized expertise relating to the concern, to the UCF IntegrityLine, or directly to University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk.

Concerns related to potential fraud should be reported directly to University Audit. As stated per university policy 2-800, Fraud Prevention and Detection, “it is the responsibility of each member of the university community to report fraud, waste, or abuse”. Sex or gender-based discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, relationship violence, or stalking involving a student must immediately be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity or the Title IX Coordinator (if you are not a confidential employee). More information on this mandatory reporting requirement and contact information is available on the Let’s Be Clear website.

I reported something and now I’m sure my supervisor is singling me out. What do I do?

Immediately call University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk. Our university has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of retaliatory behavior as defined under UCF 2-700 Reporting Misconduct and Protection from Retaliation.

A report was made against my co-worker that I’m sure is not true. What should I do?

Contact HR or the UCF IntegrityLine to state any information that you may know about the situation that was reported. They will factor your new information into the ongoing investigation.