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In the Spotlight

On January 9, 2018, President Hitt sent an email announcing the Let’s Be Clear campaign. That email is included in this edition of the IntegrityStar. Please be sure to review the FAQ section for how this campaign affects you as an employee.

Let’s Be Clear

UCF is known for being big, bold, and innovative when it comes to our academics, research, and community partnerships.

This semester, UCF is bringing that spirit to Let’s Be Clear, a new university-wide campaign that provides more options to report sexual violence and more opportunities to increase the awareness of resources available to those impacted by sexual misconduct.

Let’s Be Clear supports the university’s goal of creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community by taking a strong stance against sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and other forms of relationship violence. We do not tolerate those behaviors at UCF. However, we cannot ignore the reality that sexual and interpersonal violence occur in our society and on university campuses.

UCF Victim Services has long offered confidential support to students, faculty, and staff, who can continue to use the 24/7 hotline, 407-823-1200, for help. However, we know that for many at UCF, texting is a more comfortable form of communication. Now, anyone who wants to ask a question about interpersonal violence or disclose a related concern can text a victim advocate at 407-823-6868 at any time, night or day.

Also, all community members can access the university’s Let’s Be Clear website, which provides comprehensive information as to what constitutes sexual violence, how the university responds to such incidents, what resources are available to those involved in such incidents, and how to get help.

As we start 2018, let’s all renew our commitment to oppose interpersonal violence.

Let’s Be Clear: We must stand up and speak up for what is right.

Cordially yours,

John C. Hitt