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This edition of the IntegrityStar highlights a relatively new but very important policy, UCF 2-010, Whistle-blower Determination and Investigation Policy.

The university is committed to identifying and protecting whistle-blowers in accordance with the Whistle-blower’s Act (Sections 112.3187-112.31895, Florida Statutes). A whistle-blower is a person who reports a violation of any federal, state, or local law, rule or regulation which presents a substantial and specific danger to the public’s health, safety, or welfare, or b) suspected or actual Medicaid fraud, or c) a suspected act of gross mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, gross waste of public funds, or gross neglect of duty (a whistle-blower complaint).

It is the intent of the Whistle-blower’s Act to prevent agencies or independent contractors from taking retaliatory or adverse personnel action against an employee who reports violations of law which create a substantial and specific danger to the public’s health, safety, or welfare, or relate to gross waste of public funds, gross mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, Medicaid fraud or abuse, or gross neglect of duty committed by an employee or agent of an agency or independent contractor.

All university and DSO employees are responsible for promptly referring any potential whistle-blower complaints they receive from a known individual to University Audit for determination of whistle-blower status. Although anonymous complaints do not qualify for whistle-blower status, any anonymous complaints alleging fraudulent activity as outlined in university policy 2-800.1, Fraud Prevention and Detection, should also be promptly referred to University Audit for disposition.

A Whistle-blower is defined as:

Any member of the university community, including employees of direct support organizations, who are current or former university employees or applicants for employment, or current or former employees of a university contractor and who submit a whistle-blower complaint.

Additionally, a Whistle-blower determination is defined as:

The review and analysis of allegations brought forth in a complaint to determine whether the complaint meets or does not meet statutory requirements for designation as a whistle-blower complaint. This determination is performed prior to initiating significant investigative activity.

To view all of the procedures relating to Whistle-blower determinations and Whistle-blower investigations, please refer to the policy.

For questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact University Audit at 3-2889.