IntegrityStar UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter

New or Updated UCF Policies and Regulations

In each IntegrityStar edition, we provide a list of new or updated UCF policies and regulations to keep you informed of the various requirements that you need to know. Since the publication of our last IntegrityStar edition, UCF issued the following new or revised policies and regulations:


3-115.2 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

3-122.1 Campus Safety and Health Policy

3-212 Allocation and Use of Education and General Carry Forward Funds

3-400.3 Non-Research Animals on Campus

3-507.1 Designations of Personnel for Emergencies

4-002.2 Use of Information Technologies and Resources

4-008.2 Data Classification and Protection

4-015 Information Security Incident Response

4-505.2 Reporting of Substantive Change


2.003 Admission of Graduate Students

2.029 Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets

2.036 College Credit for Nontraditional Courses Prior to Initial Enrollment

3.010 Faculty Evaluation and Improvement

4.034 University Direct Support Organizations

5.016 Student Academic Appeals

6.008 Vehicle Registration Fees; Parking Violation Fines


The online repository of UCF policies and procedures is available at  UCF regulations are online at

Policies submitted to the University Policies and Procedures Committee will be published for two weeks in the policies and procedures library for review and comment by the university community. Comments will be provided to the committee and the initiating and responsible authority for consideration. After the committee has voted to approve the policy, the chair forwards it to the president for his final review and approval.

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