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Photo of Michael Constantino


In this Recognition section, we’d like to acknowledge the contributions and positivity exuded by Michael (Mike) Constantino, Information Security Awareness & Education Coordinator, within our UCF Information Security Office (ISO).

Mike consistently goes above and beyond to communicate to our students, faculty, and staff the types of threats we face and also works diligently to promote learning effective means to protect ourselves and our data.  He never shies away from an opportunity to put together a presentation, article, or message to share with various groups here at UCF and projects positivity in all that he does.

In addition, Mike circulates articles covering a variety of topics centered around security awareness, data breaches, and related attacks targeting an organizations’ data.  Mike also leads our Information Security Awareness Advisory Board, which includes a cross-section of UCF’s departments, and aims to update attendees on the Security Awareness Program’s recent successes, areas of focus, and current events impacting our organization.

Mike does all this while maintaining a super positive attitude, encouraging and supporting his peers, and never shying away from a challenge.  Mike is a strong collaborator as well and enjoys working with others toward common goals for the betterment of UCF, where he’s not only worked for four years, but also graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Education and Industry Training.

We chose to publicly acknowledge Mike Constantino for all his efforts and leadership around security awareness, as well as being a phenomenal example of what it means to be Knight!

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