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Headshot photo of Millicent Downer     IntegrityStar Certificate for Millicent Downer


In this Recognition section, we’d like to acknowledge Millicent Downer, Human Resources Director for the Administration and Finance Division, for her support and contributions to the university’s comprehensive compliance program, specifically in the area of Clery Act requirements. She has played a key role in piloting the Clery Act Campus Security Authority Identification Project by working with both University Compliance and Ethics and the Clery Compliance Analyst to provide a vast amount of information on job descriptions and job codes, the process of creating jobs in Workday, and information on job code and position number transitions from PeopleSoft into Workday. She is always willing to assist when needed and goes to extra lengths to help the university meet this important Clery Act requirement. We appreciate her collaboration, partnership, and her unwavering support.

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