IntegrityStar UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter


In this Recognition section, we’d like to acknowledge the Rosen College of Hospitality Management for achieving 100% compliance (71/71) with employee submission with the outside activity, potential conflict of interest and commitment online disclosure within the required 30-day deadline.


The following colleges also deserve an honorable mention for their outstanding compliance rates:

  • College of Nursing = 99% (76/77)
  • College of Arts and Humanities = 99% (314/316)
  • College of Business = 95% (126/133)
  • College of Health Professions and Sciences = 95%  (125/132)


Additionally, we would like to recognize the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) and Dean Georgiopoulos. As one of the largest colleges at UCF, CECS reached 94% compliance with 30-day submissions, having 561 out of 684 employees submit on time. Dean Georgiopoulos was proactive in messaging his employees and stressing the importance of submitting disclosures on time which contributed to this very high rate of compliance.