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Hector Cardona, Assistant Postal Manager for UCF Postal Services, has worked at UCF for 10 years. This past May, Mr. Cardona received a note of appreciation from an employee who worked at the Scott County Library in Minnesota who wrote, “I often try to tell my unbelieving friends that there are still honest and good people in the world and you are a shining example.”

What prompted the note?

Earlier this year, Mr. Cardona received a stamped letter through the United States Post Office that was not addressed to anyone. Upon opening the envelope he discovered $40 in cash and a $10 check made out to the Scott County Library in Minnesota. Mr. Cardona searched the web, called the library, and was able to identify and return the check and the $40 to its rightful owner.

Congratulations Mr. Cardona for your outstanding display of ethical behavior.

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