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IntegrityStar UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter

Compliance and Ethics Week

Compliance and Ethics Week is celebrated nationally the first full week of November each year. During November 7-11, 2016, University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk will schedule activities to raise awareness on compliance and ethics topics and the role of our office. In order to learn more about compliance and ethics topics and for a chance to win prizes, employees can participate in our online crossword puzzle.

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Revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act

As of May 18, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor revised the Fair Labor Standards Act. The revisions will become effective December 1, 2016. UCF’s Human Resources department is in the process of updating our policies and pay practices to implement the new regulations.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a Federal wage and hour law administered by the U.S. Department of Labor since 1938. The law provides employees with wage and hour protections. It impacts employees in the private and public workforce by establishing minimum wage, overtime pay, and other wage and hour regulations.

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When you were nine and accidentally knocked your baseball through the neighbor’s window with a thundering crash, your decision to either face the consequences or run off and hide involved ethics. You made a split-second choice between right and wrong, and chances are that no matter what your choice, your decision taught you an important lesson.

Most of us were taught the basics of ethics by our parents, teachers, faith leaders, or other authority figures: tell the truth, play fair, don’t hurt other people, and accept responsibility for our own actions. If ethics are simple enough for a child to grasp, why are they suddenly such a big deal in the working world? Why do we need educational programs and Codes of Conduct? Why doesn’t the university simply trust people to do the right thing without being constantly reminded?

Ethical cartoon 1


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A message fromRhonda L. Bishop


What is the meaning of ethics? What drives ethical failures? This third edition of the IntegrityStar focuses on these simple but thought provoking questions.

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In the Spotlight In the Spotlight

In this edition, we’d like to feature the university’s Title IX Coordinator, Dawn Welkie, from the UCF Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office.

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Recognition Recognition

See who is being recognized for outstanding efforts in compliance.

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New Policies New or Updated UCF Policies and Regulations



Read about the new or updated UCF policies and regulations that were recently approved.

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In each IntegrityStar edition, we highlight some frequently asked questions. In this third edition, we offer the following questions and answers related to ethics.

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In Our Next Edition In Our Next Edition

Our fourth edition will be out in the spring of 2017. Our main theme will be respecting others. We will have an article on the subject and a short video.

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