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The Importance of Employee Compliance Training at UCF

Higher education institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our society by providing knowledge and skills to students. However, behind the scenes, a dedicated workforce of faculty and staff ensures the smooth functioning of these institutions. To maintain academic excellence and adhere to legal and ethical standards, employee compliance training is of paramount importance. In this article, we will explore the reasons why compliance training is vital to contributing to UCF’s mission.

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Celebrate 2023 Compliance and Ethics Week


Today, University Compliance and Ethics is kicking off the university’s ninth annual Compliance and Ethics (C&E) Week awareness campaign. We invite you to complete several activities to be entered into a drawing to win a prize. Please read the article to learn more about the week’s activities and prizes.

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Understanding the Clery Act Requirements at UCF

The safety and security of students and employees on college campuses have always been a top priority for institutions of higher education in the United States. To enhance campus safety and transparency, Congress enacted the Clery Act in 1990. This article explains the requirements of the Clery Act and how they are met at UCF.

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Case Corner

In this edition we share the outcome of one IntegrityLine report submitted by a student which involved a third party posing as an employee which helped us to facilitate awareness of an issue affecting our students and faculty.

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A message fromRhonda L. Bishop

Headshot photo of Vice President for Compliance, Ethics, and Risk, Rhonda Bishop.

This edition of the IntegrityStar features articles on the importance of compliance training, celebrating this year’s Compliance and Ethics Week, and the Clery Act requirements. Please read the articles to learn more about these topics.

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In the Spotlight Privacy Points

In this edition, we provide tips on how to safeguard data.

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Recognition Recognition

In this Recognition section, we’d like to acknowledge an employee with Administration and Finance for her support and contributions to the university’s Comprehensive Compliance and Ethics Program.

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New Policies New Policies

Read about the new or updated UCF policies and regulations that were recently approved.

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In each IntegrityStar edition, we highlight some frequently asked questions. In this edition we cover some frequently asked questions related to the Clery Act at UCF.

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