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IntegrityStar UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter UCF Compliance & Ethics Newsletter

Compliance and Ethics Week Awareness

Compliance and Ethics Week is celebrated nationally the first full week of November each year. During November 1-7, 2015, University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk scheduled activities to raise awareness on compliance and ethics topics and the role of our office.

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Are Reports to the UCF IntegrityLine Really Investigated?

Yes, appropriate action is taken to review and investigate each report that is submitted to the UCF IntegrityLine. Reports received through the UCF IntegrityLine are triaged and based on the nature of the report, they are either investigated by University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk, University Audit, jointly by both offices, or referred to the appropriate compliance partner. When we receive reports involving students, we refer those to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The IntegrityLine launched on September 29, 2014, and received a total of 72 reports the first year. Below is additional information you might find interesting about the reports received.

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Understanding Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest is a common issue in the workplace. Most of us have heard someone say, “It’s who you know, not what you know.” We have heard co-workers complain that a manager’s relative always gets the biggest raise or the best assignment. We might have seen colleagues accept gifts from potential vendors. Maybe a co-worker leaves work 20 minutes early every day so she can get to her second job. A supervisor may give a co-worker time off from work to do volunteer work or might allow employees to solicit donations and funds in the workplace, whether for the Girl Scouts or a local school function. Even though these situations are very different, they all fall under the heading of “conflict of interest.”



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A message fromRhonda L. Bishop

We are excited to bring you this e-newsletter, the IntegrityStar. You can expect to receive the IntegrityStar once a semester, and in each edition you will find updates on compliance and ethics activities at UCF. Our hope is that you will find the information educational and enlightening.

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In the Spotlight In the Spotlight

In this edition, we’d like to highlight the following important information which has been provided by one of our compliance partners, the UCF Information Security Office.

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Recognition Recognition

See who is being recognized for outstanding efforts in compliance.

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New Policies New or Updated Policies


Read about the new or updated policies that were recently approved.

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In each IntegrityStar edition, we will highlight some frequently asked questions. For this first edition, we offer the following questions and answers related to the confidentiality and anonymity of the UCF IntegrityLine.

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In Our Next Edition In Our Next Edition

Our next edition will be summer of 2016 and our main theme will be our UCF Policy 2-700, Reporting Misconduct and Protection from Retaliation.  We will have an article on the subject and a short video on retaliation.

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