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All program sponsors and program staff must successfully pass a State of Florida level 2 background check in accordance with federal and state laws, as well as UCF policies.

Background checks are required to be completed at least once every five years to remain in compliance with Section 39.001, Florida Statutes, and industry standard.  If there is a break in service for longer than 90 days, the individual must have another background check completed and be cleared again, prior to returning to work with minors.  UCF also reserves the right to conduct screenings at any time after a program has begun.

Volunteers who assist on an intermittent basis for less than 10 hours per month need not have a background check, as long as a person who meets the level 2 background check requirement is always present and has the volunteer within sight.

DSO and third-party organizations are required to submit to their campus liaison a Third Party Completed Background Certification form at least five days prior to the start date of the program or activity.

Program sponsors must pass their level 2 background check and are also responsible for ensuring all program staff complete the level 2 background check process at least five business days prior to the program start date.

If the background check reveals adverse information or unfavorable results, the university will conduct an individualized assessment using criteria designed to identify potential risk to minors. A prior conviction shall not automatically disqualify a person from participating in a program or activity. Rather, UCF Human Resources, in consultation with persons who have the authority to recommend or decide, considers the relevance of the criminal history to the youth-serving role. This includes a case-by-case assessment of various factors like the nature and circumstances surrounding the offense, the conviction’s temporal proximity, and any recidivism.

Please contact UCF Human Resources HR Backgrounds for additional information.

UCF Human Resources Department
3280 Progress Drive
Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32826-3229
Phone: (407) 823-2771
Fax: (407) 823-1095

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