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The University of Central Florida is committed to promoting a culture of safety that is embraced by the entire campus community. The principles of this safety culture support the educational mission of the university by making all UCF campuses a safe and healthy environment to live, learn, teach, work, and visit.

The Youth Protection Program training is intended to protect all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors of UCF, UCF DSOs, and third party organizations, as well as the minors they interact with, by providing education on UCF policies, and federal and state reporting requirements when participating in youth related activities.  All youth program staff, either UCF affiliated or third party, are required to complete this training within Squire, with a score of 90 percent or higher on the post-test, at least five days prior to the program start date.  The training course is required every two years to remain compliant with federal and state laws.

Program sponsors, program primary contacts, and program staff will be provided instructions via an email from Squire on how to access and complete the training. You may also click HERE to access the training within Squire. You will log in with your UCF NID and NID password, or create a login if you do not have UCF log in credentials.

In addition, program sponsors are also responsible for ensuring that all program staff certify within Squire to their understanding of the Program Staff Code of Conduct.


If you need assistance or if you have questions, contact University Compliance and Ethics by email

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